Wednesday, June 14, 2017

get-ImdbSearch.ps1 Imdb search script

6/14/2017: Two Posts in a day! And both're scripts to-boot!

Source Updates (reflected at Github):
  • # 2:35 PM 3/24/2018 country: failing, they've dropped space after colon, make it optional; Language same issue; duration.innertext coming through blank, pretest and use duration.datetime instead,
  • # 9:20 PM 9/12/2017 typo fix; shifted a bunch of items to 2-stage: they were passing and handing back blank values, when matches failed. 

I like movies. A lot. Last time we moved, I donated piles of dvd's! 

Wonderful thing, moving. Clears the head!  Gives you massive perspective.
Makes you want to donate 300-400 books, and hundreds of dvd's, JUST BECAUSE YOU NEVER WANT TO MOVE THEM AGAIN! :D Ever!. Really. :^S

Anyway, on to today's script: This one runs an interactive Imdb title search (using Google - smaht!) for near-miss title-matching, then returns a console menu of the Google hits, from which to pick. Pick a movie from the menu, and it pulls some fairly decent amounts of info on the chosen flick from Imdb.

Two outputs: Default 'Summary': 

And '-Full':

Here's the code

And the current revision can always be found at Github: Get-IMDBSearch.ps1

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